Team Building (Formation)

Teams emerge spontaneously
when the conditions are right.

"Don't build teams; build team builders."
Bijan Riazi-Farzad

Why build teams? Becasue "the whole is more than the sum of its parts."

But what does that mean, in terms of organisational effectiveness? It means that, not only can two people do more than twice one person, but that they also become qualitatively different. Tha means that tehy can do things that neither of the individuals that form the team can do by themselves. So it makes sense to build teams. The problem is that contrived or constructed (or 'built') teams are at best temporary and at worst ineffective. Sel-organisation is not only far mmore efficient and sustainable, it also has the benefit of flexibility. Self-organised teams will spontaneously adapt to produce the best outcomes without the need for outside interference.

But how do we facilitate the formation ('emegence') of self-organised teams? 

That's the subject of our Team Building workshop.

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